Decentralized Investing for Everyone

The World's First Community Investment Vehicle: CIV

Our community drives decision-making, autonomous software code drives investment. Overall, the $CIV fund management system is driven by performance-driven smart contracts. Making the benefits of Decentralized Finance accessible to everyone.

Your Investment In Market-Making

With other Liquidity Farming pools, you must constantly worry about management and impermanent loss. Let us fix that for your benefit!

We invest across the entire ecosystem of Decentralized Finance, so you can let $CIV do the heavy lifting for your gain. Our trading strategy works in real-time to maximize profits and minimize impermanent loss.

Our token, $CIV, benefits from the yield of the Community Investment Vehicle. Token already available, technology released to test network during Q3, now being audited. Mainnet launch by the end of 2021.

300M Supply

Non Mintable


Tax on transactions

100% Supply

Initial liquidity pool burnt


Our launch was fair, community-driven and trustless. The entire supply has been burnt into a liquidity pool that is locked, and there are no dev wallets or other special interests.

Our token cannot be minted, therefore the $CIV supply is capped forever. The token contract code is public on our Github page, based on the OpenZeppelin industry standard, verified by Etherscan and audited by MythX.

Learn About $CIV

The world of crypto is still in its infancy, and the Decentralized world of Dex even more so. Lots of inefficiencies and market opportunities to be grabbed.

Join Our Community

Enter the future of our Civilization: $CIV! Our expanding, vibrant and inclusive community is waiting for you.


Zero impact trades

Status: currently undergoing rigorous testing

CIV ZIT is an automated system that executes trades at target-price, using a special liquidity pool.

It prevents front-running and bots from getting in your way, it has zero price impact, and guarantees zero slippage.

Simply place your order to set up a trade at your target price!

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Download the free MetaMask browser extension or TrustWallet phone app. This will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive $ETH and $CIV.


dEPOSIt funds

You can buy Ethereum ($ETH) directly on MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet from exchanges like Coinbase or Binance. Make sure to use the ERC-20 network when transfering ETH: Ethereum addresses start with “0x”.


Swap tokens

You can buy on ShibaSwap and UniSwap clicking the direct links. Connect your wallet, complete the transaction, and wait few minutes for it to be executed by the block-chain. Choose 0,1% for slippage and use the highest setting for gas (“high” in Metamask, for example). Done!

Uniswap Form

Buy directly from our site

  1. Add Eth into you wallet
  2. Click on “Select a token”
  3. Search for “CIV”
  4. Import “CIV Civilization via CoinGecko”
  5. Connect your wallet
  6. Swap Eth for Civ!


The social impact of our project is extremely important to us. We aim to use the same democratic decentralized approach we use for investments, to also support global human rights and environmental protection organizations, as voted on by our community from time to time. To support this social impact, a charity fund wallet will be created: all future projects will be contributed by our fund through this wallet.

Please note, this is a Multisignature wallet that requires 2 out 3 co-signers from the following list in order to approve any expenditure

Would you like to donate to the project?

Please send ETH to the following wallet address:



Donate via MetaMask

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